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Our Mission

To bring connection and conversations into every workplace.

simple surveys I deeper insights

CONNECT + CHECK™ is a simple to use real time survey platform enabling teams everywhere to do their finest work.

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When you CONNECT + CHECK™ you gain real time insights that will:

  • Build a responsive culture

  • Enable leaders and teams to have the conversations that matter

  • Solve problems when and where they happen

  • Grow deeper relationships across the organisation

  • Increase productivity and performance


CONNECT + CHECK™ surveys use down-to-earth language and imagery that promotes diversity enabling all people to relate and engage in the process.

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It’s more portable than ever…complete surveys any time – anywhere. Works seamlessly whether you are using a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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CONNECT + CHECK™ dashboards are easy to read, eye-catching and appealing enabling leaders to have great conversations

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It’s time for a better way!

Do you want a thriving organisation where everyone can do their finest work?

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things but not getting anywhere?

Just imagine if you knew exactly where and when to focus your time and efforts!

If we had a solution that was easy to deploy and cost effective would you be interested?

Let us show you how to CONNECT + CHECK™

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